Friday, June 26, 2009

Australia - Day 8

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I woke up before hubby and we agreed to get the final view of Opera House :P I took along the leftover grapes all the way to Opera House.

Circular Quay

Hot Chocolate drink from Guylian

To cut the story short again, we flew back to Gold Coast and checked into Islander Resort for AUD30 per person. The room was like a hotel room but with 2 double decker beds. Our roommate were a Japanese couple. We went to roam Surfer's Paradise for one final time, bought a can of beer and went to watch tv while munching on Smith's. Went to sleep quite early as we needed to wake up at 4.30am the next morning. The next day, we were driven to the airport by a van pre-booked online at AUD40 per person.

That's the end of our trip, enjoyable but quite tiring as we needed to rush all over the place. What to do, if you go on tour with me, you will need to keep up with my walking pace :P Overall, it was fun though, at least hubby thinks so :D

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