Friday, June 26, 2009

Australia - Day 7

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At 6.30am, we took train from Town Hall Station to Central station then took Blue Mountain train all the way to Blue Mountain. It took us about 2hours just to reach the mountain. Didn't get enough sleep on the train though. We were sitting near a bunch of active kids where they kept throwing questions to their mothers who were so patience to entertain them all. I think we reached around 10am. Initially, we wanted to take the Trolley Tours about AUD20 per person where the bus will take us to almost all the famous destinations in Blue Mountain. But all we wanted to see was some rocks called 3-Sisters & Echo Point. So after asking for some information, we were told there was another cheaper alternative - Trolley Express Tour where the bus will take you to each destination for AUD 1.90 per trip. What a good deal! So we only went to Echo Point in the end. Another super duper cold place with only 9 degrees. Strong wind & it was worse than Opera House the night before. My made in china gloves didn't help much. It was difficult to even press the shutter by wearing gloves. Hubby was not even shivering.

Three Sis, Echo Point

We caught the 11am train back to town and went back to Opera House for afternoon photo shoot. Kinda of crazy but what to do, hubby fell in love with opera house. This time we walked all the way to Mrs Maquire's Chair to take pics from different angle. It was a 15mins walk from the Opera House thru Botanical Garden. I really wanted to hop into the tram but it'd costs AUD10 per person, not really that worth it. After that, we rushed like mad back to Paddy's. Only at that time, we found out that there are free-of-charge buses that go along George Street!!!! We hopped on one of these buses and got to Paddy's at 4.30pm, about an hour before the closing time. Bought a bag for khye, a min boomerang and some other made in china things. I dunno how we managed to end up in Paddy’s wet market and we were really amazed. Since the market was closing, the sellers were throwing out veggies & fruits to lelong. AUD 1 for almost everything. They dun weigh the fruits, they just scoop using a basket and you pay AUD 1 for the amount of fruits in the basket. Greedy us, we bought 2 plastic bag full of grapes (easily 2kg per bag), 6 apples & one huge rock melon, all for just AUD4.

Fruits from Paddy's

I think we must have been too happy with the result and we walked all the way back to our room without feeling tired at all. We couldn't finish the grapes, so we took them to Darling Harbour to eat while enjoying the night view there. Although we were not unable to finish the cheap fruits but we did not want to throw them away yet.

Darling Harbour

Hubby who was still so much in love with the Opera House, asking me to go there for one last time before we leave Sydney, at 7am?!?!?!?! I didn't promise him though. But.......

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