Friday, June 26, 2009

Australia : Day 3

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Woke up 7am and i prepared breakfast with the bread & choc spread bought last night. The kitchen was extremely dirty. People just leave the pots and pans in the sink. Kitchen table was full of bread crumbs & instant mee seasoning. Stains everywhere. I put all my things a plastic bag. We brought along some plastic utensils and cups, luckily. I thought ang-moh kitchen is very clean, from tv-show. After breakfast, we went to bus stop to catch the bus to Dreamworld.
(From SP, take TX bus to themeparks, AUD7.60 per person, 1-way). My suggestion is to go there before 10am to avoid the long queue at the ticket counter. We reached there at almost 9am and get to take a lot of pics before the crowd at 10am.

I didn't like Dreamworld that much. Apart from the 6 thrill rides, Tiger Island and Wildlife, there was nothing interesting there. I tried 4 out of 6 thrilling rides, while hubby only took 2 rides. Giant drop was my first ride, i took so much courage to take the ride. The moment the seats rose from ground, i started regretting. It halted at the top with magnificient view but i didn't enjoy it. Then, i heard the signal beep indicating that we're going to drop. My heart stopped a second and off we went. It was really like committing suicide by jumping off tall building. I could feel the anti-gravity experience, strong wind blowing against my face and my eyes were open all the way down. When it finally stopped, i think my heart stopped again too :P Great ride but i will not try it again. 2nd ride was Motocoaster. I didn't know that it was one of the 6 thrill rides. It was like riding motorbike at super high speed and i felt that i could die during the ride. Honestly, Giant Drop was much better than this. At least, during Giant Drop, i dun have to go "head first". 3rd was Tower of Terror. This ride will go the same height as Giant Drop at 30degrees and back. Equally scary. Cyclone was nothing to shout about.
Giant Drop & Tower of Terror, Dreamworld

We didn't dare to try The Claw & WipeOut.

The Claw, Dreamworld

Lunch was hotdog bun before we ended our day in Dreamworld. The hotdog seller was kind enough to recommend us to another shopping centre which sells cheaper things than Harbour Town. After asking from direction bus drivers, off we went to Hyperdome in Logan Holmes. The journey there was about 30mins and costed us additional AUD10 for 2 persons. The town was not really near, it was after Beenleigh and we had to take bus-train-bus before we finally reached HyperDome.

HyperDome is really big single-level shopping complex with a lot of shops and food outlets. We reached there about 4pm and the closing time was 5.30pm. I really do not understand why the shopping complexes close so early. How do working mums do their shopping? Or they only shop once a week? Hubby found some crocs sandals on sale - blue & orange. And it was only AUD29.90 per pair. He was deciding whether to buy or not but the problem was to choose between blue & orange. He asked for my opinion and gave him an honest answer which he didn't like it. We went out from the shop empty-handed and a black-face hubby :P Nevertheless, we still managed to grab some Smith's at AUD1.99 per packet, the cheapest we could find. Shopped a bit at Reject Shop. I have no idea why it's called reject shop as all the items we got were in good condition and very cheap. AUD2-5 per item. After Hyperdome, we went home straight and took a good rest before trip to Movieworld. Our new roomate - a Canadian guy who was so much neater than the German girl.

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