Friday, June 26, 2009

Australia : Day-6

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Took Airtrain from Central Station to Brisbane Domestic Airport then flew to Sydney. The air

stewardess was fatter than me :P Reached Sydney and checked into Base Sydney. Our accommodation seemed to get better and better. The beds were so comfy & bathrooms were very clean. Our roommates were a Korean couple who were not very friendly. Not only they shared a single bed, they even took the bed-sheets of other beds to tie to the poles of the double decker bed, so that they can camp in it. Too bad it's not sound proof, we could hear the guy snoring whole night. I'm lazy to type so much already. It was already about 3pm, so we rushed all the way to Sydney Fish Market to grab some super fresh seafood (but not cheap) and managed to get to Paddy's before it closed at 5pm.

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

It was a mistake to go to Paddy's. We ended up spending hundreds of dollars at Esprits. 25% of reduced price mah, how to resist :P

After dinner, i decided to cover Hyde Park on the way to Sydney Opera House. It was another mistake. We tried to take picture of the majestic Archibald Fountain - failed. Pic of St Mary's Cathedral - failed. Sydney Opera house & Harbour Bridge - passed.

Archibald Fountain

It was an icy cold that night and strong wind spoilt my mood. Hubby was so mesmerized by Opera House that he didn't want to leave before taking enough pics of that odd building. And also cos we took 45mins to reach that place. The color of my face gradually turned from pale to black >:(

Opera House - black

To add to my misery, we were standing outside of the Opera House fine-dining restaurant where diners were wearing sexy evening gowns, laughing while drinking champagne. In the end, to keep myself warm, I hid myself against the wall of the building under a lamp post until hubby finished his assignment. Walking back was another ordeal. I think I fainted on the bed when we reached our room. Here are some pics:

Harbour Bridge

Opera House

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