Friday, June 26, 2009

Australia: Day 1

I was back from Aus trip for like a month, but i haven't even blogged about my trip. There are so much thing to blog about as it was our first trip ala-backpacker. We booked the free AA tickets since Aug-08 but I didn't do any homework back then due to laziness. The real work only started about 2 mths before my trip and that's when i had to bug several people whom had actually been to Aus recently. Those unfortunate candidates are like CW, WY, SF, JoeyC & my sis's sil =)

A day before my departure, at 9.30am, i received a sms from AA saying that my flight has been cancelled and been postponed to much later time & contact a phone number for assistance. Fearing the flight would be further delayed and we had a connecting flight to catch, i spent about an hour trying to contact AA customer service personnel. It took us forever and i tried several AA phone numbers i googled. Finally, a human answered our call and it was confirmed that we would be able to catch our connecting flight in time.

Day-1, Day-2, Day-3, Day-4, Day-5, Day-6, Day-7, Day-8

We packed everything to mum's place, especially khye's milk powder. He has somehow turned into a Milk Monster, finishing a 900g per week (he is only taking 4oz per 3hourly). If he were to take 6-7oz hourly, i will have to buy a cow. Mum prepared fried rice for us for dinner at LCCT. Parents dropped us at the airport and khye waved goodbye just like that. He doesn't cry when he waves good bye at us. He only cries when mil waves good bye to him. Do you think I’ll get jealous becos of that? Of cos not, he is still small & innocent.

We reached LCCT around 5.30pm & the first thing we did was to stop at AA customer service counter to add check-in baggage from AUS-KL, KL-PEN which cost us RM45. You see, if you pre-book AA ticket online, you only need to pay RM5 (domestic) & RM20 (international) for a 15kg check-in baggage allowance. Otherwise, you need to spend RM10 & RM20 respectively if you do it at the check-in counter at the airport. Stingy me, i didn't pre-book check-in baggage allowance online for KL-AUS so ended up, we had to stuff a lot of things in our jackets and pockets. By the way, AA does not weigh your bag at the departure terminal although you can see a big weighing scale there. Unless your bags look heavy or you carry an over-sized handbag or backpack, then good luck. Before we entered the departure terminal, i made one very very stupid statement, "Hide your tickets, dun let the AA girl know we're taking AA flight, so she will not weigh our bags." I forgot LCCT is only for AA flights. So, pls make sure you pre-book your baggage allowance next time.

After much hassle, we went in and settled down (unloaded things from our jackets and pockets) and took turn to bathe before boarding 8-hours flight to Aus. My stupid-ness did not stop there, as usual. I insisted that we sat in the first row so that we could board the flight first. Again i forgot that we have been assigned seat numbers the moment we checked-in. Dearest hubby, this is what happen when we only visit the airport once a year *hint*.

Seats in AA are so minute. You cannot recline the seat like how you normally do it. To recline, you need to glide your body forward and if you have long legs, that spells trouble for you.
Air Asia X
You have to pay for everything - blanket, neck pillow, eye masks (RM35). If you're taking the night flight, you just need to keep your stomach full before you board or else you can still get some snacks on board for unreasonable price. Like RM5 for instant Ipoh White Coffee or RM4 for 500ml mineral water. I read about all these before boarding the plane, so i actually brought along empty bottles to fill up water from the water cooler in the departure terminal :P Sleeping was nightmare without neck pillow & 10% recline seat. I didn't bother much and occupied 2 seats to sleep despite a guy sitting in the same row as me. Hubby was lucky enough to get 3 seats to sleep on. The Prudential group members were so noisy and they made it harder for us to get some sleep. At 3am, hubby finally exchg seats with me......heaven and I slept until it was about time to land. People must be cursing us for occupying so many seats.

Air Asia X

Oh yeah, if you want a much bigger space to stretch your legs, you have to add additional RM100 per person for the special seats, which is the first row of seats, near the toilets :P Air stewardess tied the safety belts to the trays and disallow people to occupy the seats. A few passengers, who attempted to untie the belts, were shoo-ed away by the air stewardess. We were waiting for the plane to land before continue our itinerary for the day.

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