Saturday, April 4, 2009

someone put a threat on Sunshine Farlim on 4 April 2009?

Note: I bet nobody has blogged about Sunshine Farlim 4 April 2009 night incident.

My Saturday routine is always the same. Tumble Tots then spend whole Saturday at mum's place together with my parents, sis and bro-in-law. We went to Sunshine Farlim right after dinner which was about 8pm+. It was raining so heavily but the place was still packed as ever, most probably there was a sale again. After sending some time a the ground floor, we found out that khye poo-ed. So mum & i had to bring khye for washing and change into new diaper in the ladies. The moment we reached the toilet, we saw about 5 cleaners in woman's toilet. 3 of them were guarding a cubicle while the other 2 were talking in a serious tone. My mum asked them whether we can use the toilet to clean khye's buttock or not. We were then told that "rosak". But, why do we need 5 cleaners in toilet? My first thought was they caught a molester? Since we did want to spend time looking for another toilet, we went into the gent's. Just as mum took off khye's diaper, i heard hubby calling for me. I thought he was just being impatient. But, he repeated my name so many times and getting louder, at the same time asked me to come out immediately, we started to realise something was not right. Hubby never acted that way before. Mum opened the door and hubby asked us to get out of the building right away. I was still carrying khye in superman position with his poo stuck to his buttock. Not knowing what actually happened, i followed hubby's instruction and dashed towards the main entrance. Before i reached the main entrance, i noticed that the shopping mall was almost empty & all i can think of was where is my heavily preg sis?!?!?! She was supposed to meet us after her toilet visit. But carrying khye (still in superman position with you-know-wat stuck to his butt, i ran all the way out from the building. Outside i was greeted with a bunch of salesgirls & guards asking me to slow down. Some of them even laughed when they saw khye. It was a good thing, nobody took any pic of us. The place was crowded and we saw a few patrol cars while we tried to clean up Khye. Khye didn't make a fuss at that time, lucky for us. Hubby was explaining that the moment the 3 of us went into the toilet, there was an announcement made, which he thought was happy hour sale or things like that. Manatau, it was to evacuate the building immediately.

With my one week old canon ixus 870is, i was snapping pics like nobody's biz. Taking pics of the whole scene & even recorded some videos. I was actually afraid that the police will confiscate my digicam since i was the only one taking pics with a cam, not phone. Soon after that, we saw a videoman arrived but dunno from which tv channel as there was no logo printed on the jacket. Another one arrived with a DSLR. I was joking with my family members of selling my pics and video to these reporters :P Unfortunately, nobody bothered to ask me anything and i didn't dare to approach any of these guys. Silly me even took pics with hubby in front of the mall, to prove that we were there.

What had actually happened, we'll have to find out in tomorrow's papers. I wonder what happened to those people who haven't paid for their dinner bills in restaurants inside Sunshine Farlim :P

These are pics taken by me :D

Taken by my dad :P


  1. Where are baby khye's superman pose pics?

  2. that one is X-rated pic, cannot post here...hahahaha.