Thursday, March 26, 2009

khye's hiding place

Last Sunday, both hubby and i almost ransacked whole house to find his bunch of house keys. At first, hubby tot i was the one who took the keys. When i told him i haven't seen his keys, he went to search his car and even the place where we put our keys. Couldn't find them anywhere.

Then, it was my turn to ransack the whole. I searched in all possible places - toilet, kitchen cabinets, fridge, freezer, washing machine, khye's cupboard, my drawers, but failed to find the keys.

Hubby was getting restless and he went for another round of checking and after a few mins, he came back into the room with the keys. Khye was the culprit. So the next day, hubby put the keys back at the same place where he found them and asked khye "Khye, where are the keys? Please give me the keys." See where khye hid them and the strange thing was he remembered where he put them.....


  1. Hahaha...hiding under the Ikea chair? He's playing hide and seek with his parents. :)

  2. he loves the chair so much. there was one time, he put our tv remote control at the same place & luckily i'm dun have the weight of an elephant :P

  3. Maybe Khye wants both of you to stay at home with him. :D

  4. with him around during weekdays, we rather stay at home and sleep early :D