Tuesday, March 10, 2009

unfinished business

Still the same topic. He says wait till Khye reaches 2yrs old and when the time is right. Who knows when the right time is?

Khye turns two on Feb-10 & if we're lucky, we'll be expecting a second one in Dec-10. If we start now, we'll be expecting the new born by Jan-10. Same year, rite? Why wait? Only Buddha knows how many reasons i've listed for hubby & how many sessions of fight we had over this matter. @#$#!*@!!!!!

Khye is going to be spoilt & pampered by everybody. Khye is going to become the most selfish person among his cousins. Khye is going to lose his close family members once we're not around anymore. If i were to die tomorrow, i will return and haunt hubby on my unfinished business.

Strange thing is, my friends whose hubbies didn't want more than a kid are all expecting 2nd kid now, AFTER being brainwashed by me. My hubby is a stone statue.

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