Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hub & i went to Kek Lok Si temple to try out his new cam during CNY. While on the way up to the pagoda, we saw a few beggars sitting begging by the pavement. One particular family drew my attention. A young indian mother with 4 kids sitting on cardboard. The youngest son was almost the same age as Khye, tiny, sleeping peacefully on the cardboard. It was a disturbing sight for me and i was thinking of it whole night and even now. The image still stuck to my mind. Before i had khye, i only felt sorry for these people. Now, i really feel something. I have no idea why but each time i encounter beggars with small kids, it will make me think of how lucky khye is. Or i will imagine my khye is the one sleeping on the cardboard. Ouch, it's a heartbreaking sight.

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