Thursday, March 12, 2009

hair cut

We took khye for his second hair cut after pestering from both grandparents. The first haircut costed RM2, and made him look like a kampong boy. It's not consider very cheap too, looking at the amount of hair khye has.

About 2-3months later, which was last Saturday, hubby wanted to have a haircut so three of us went together to the salon. Hubby was thinking of getting the hairdresser to cut his hair and conveniently thought that khye's will be free. How silly & dumb :P She was going to charge RM5 for khye's haircut, which i said no.

After hubby's haircut, we went to the neareset mamak barber, RM3. Surprisingly, khye was behaving quite well. I put him on the chair and for the first time, someone really cut his hair instead of just shaving. Through out the entire session, he was holding a cassette in his hands so hard but still managed to give us a smile while hubby was taking his pics. He was feeling ticklish all the way until he could hold on to his tears anymore, just in time for the final snip. Another silly one.

he looks cute, isn't he? :D

behaving so well, notice the cassette?

with his Tumble Tots backpack

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