Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We were discussing on how to celebrate Khye's bday and what cake to buy. I was surprised that birthday cakes from bakeries cost more than Secret Recipe cakes. RM150 for a number 1 shaped cake, min 3kg. If we were to buy 2 cakes as per plan, it's going to cost us a bomb just for cakes. After a week, we finally decided to order 2 cakes for the bakery near our house and they will deliver them to us on Saturday, one day earlier than the actual birthday. My Khye's birthday falls on CNY eve.

While discussing on which type of cakes to order, i told hubby to just order the ordinary round shape cake to be fair to everybody (our future kids). And his answer caught me by surprised. "That I'll have to think first". When we first got married, i told hubby that i want more than a kid. I used to joke with him, the more kids the merrier during our funerals :P

What does he mean with "That I'll have to think first"?? He knows very well, i've always wanted more kids and that i dun stay 29 forever. Okay, maybe it's my temper that he fears. But he thinks we're going to wait for another 6yrs and then only start trying for a 2nd one? What if it's too late and we have to undergo IVF? I have heard many stories where couples regretted that they didn't plan for a 2nd one earlier. Some couples failed to conceive after waited for too long. If we fail, then khye will be miserable living life alone without siblings.

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