Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Khye is growing fatter & chubby-ier each day, and i can't resist biting his arms and cheeks. Yesterday, he learnt a new trick. He was holding his toys in both hands while trying to stand on by clinging on the sofa. How to stand lar? I grabbed his armpits right on time before he fell backwards. And guess what, he thought it was so funny that he repeated the action – on purpose. Stood up, looked at me, smiled then let go of his hands to see whether I’d catch him in time or not. Smiling so happily, until i had to distract him from the sofa. His crawling speed has increased over the weekend. Now you see him in the living room, the next moment, you will find him crawling towards the stairs or towards our front door.
Anybody care to babysit him for me during the plant shutdown? So cute wor......

1 comment:

  1. If I babysit him, I can't stop myself from curi-curi cubit him, how ar? Qualified to babysit him or not? Hehe...