Thursday, May 15, 2008

sons exchange

Now i understand why DILs & MILs (especially newly weds or new mothers) will forever clash with each other. Not only they do things differently, they think differently as well.

Like for my case, i always want my baby to exercise his little hands and legs freely and dislike putting mittens & boots on him. Mil thinks otherwise as she's afraid that he will catch a cold. When he cries when he's upset with something or gets uncomfortable, i'll soothe him with pacifier, massage his tummy or carry him for a while until he stops, then i will put him down on his mattress again. If under mil's care, she will pat & carry him around the house for like 30mins or so and will only put him down when he falls asleep or when we ask her to. She gets very agitated whenever the baby cries and i pretty sure she does feel like crying together with him.

People must be thinking i'm a cold blooded mother when i dun attend to him immediately when he cries. If you analyze your baby’s crying, you will know what he wants from the sound of his cry. Crying for milk/water? Crying cos he pees/poos? Upset tummy? Or just crying out for attention. Perhaps mil sees me acting that way, therefore she tries to be there as much as possible for her grandson. And that's also why i feel that my son is slowly becoming her son. Do you believe in karma? I do now. I have her son, she has mine.

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