Friday, May 9, 2008

bathing time

Sometimes when i'm feeling extremely tired, i will pass the bathing task to hubby. Baby Khye is getting very "violent" nowadays and keeps wanting to show off his flying kick. So whenever we put him in the bath tub, he will be struggling and kicking all over the place and of cos he loves water too. I managed to snap a few pics of him, but some didn't turn out well, cos he moves too much and i was using a low end digicam. Papa was dressing him up. Pretty hard job too, he thinks people are playing with him when we hold his hands and legs. He is very ticklish too, just like his Papa dearest.

Finally...thanks, Pa=)

I think all babies grow very fast. During his stays in the hospital, he was only wearing S-size pampers which was proven too big for him. His legs did look like frog legs. And now just look at his Michelin thighs from above =)


  1. Baby is playful mah, hehe saw his bird bird liao.

  2. ooops...i forgot to put another star :P he's getting very very playful now too.