Monday, January 21, 2008

2 months to go

I’m finally 8th month pregnant. The government doc suspected i have placenta pravia when i was 28weeks pregnant. It's the case where placenta is lying low in uterus when it should be located quite high on top. Normally, people with placenta pravia will experience bleeding during pregnancy or even early delivery. Scary or not? First, the government doc suspected that i have diabetes & hypertension due to my weight increased 4kg in a month. The result showed negative. Now they want to scare me with placenta pravia. I have to go for a few rounds of scanning and check up to ensure the placenta is still at the same place and not lower. In the meantime, I cannot do any house chores at all. All I need to do is sit and rest for the rest of my pregnancy. No more 3 hours walk in shopping centers now. Oh yeah, I’m going to post a baby p*orn pic here. Guess what’s that. I asked the doc to focus on that "part" so that I can bring the pic back and show everybody including in-laws =)

Surprisingly, my weight only increased 0.5kg from last month when it should be 1kg. Must be due to the toothache.

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