Thursday, January 17, 2008

more items

I just love Avent products (this is not a paid post). We did a lot of shopping last month since there were so many holidays. Hubby and i went to a few shops and shopping complexes to compare Avent products before buying them. Finally, we ended up buying the products from a shop at Raja Uda, operated by a young couple. The shop was having opening promotion and i guessed we were just lucky.

Since we've decided to breastfeed exclusively and not depending on formula, we decided to get Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump. The electric pump is much better option but the price is a bit too high for us. Many of my friends recommended manual pump as you can control the pressure and not hurt your nipples badly. So just got Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump for RM175.

FIL doesn't like the idea of sending the baby to baby-sitter, so MIL offers to take care of the baby full time, excluding night time. To ease her baby sitting task, hubby got Avent iQ 24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer so that she dun have to sterilize the bottles using traditional way and it's time consuming. I can also use this sterilizer to cleanse my breast pump. The price, RM409. Pretty expensive but i hope mil knows how to use it. I haven't learned myself :P

We are supposed to get Avent Express Bottle and Baby Food Warmer from the same shop but it was out of stock. This item is selling like hot cakes according to the shop owner which i doubt so. RM220 for a set like that, who would buy it except working people like us. Frozen or refrigerated breast milk is not supposed to be boiled or heated by microwave. MIL will be having hard time to heat up refrigerated breastmilk, so this is a necessity for her. Just 4 mins and you will have a just nice milk to feed the baby.

I think the shop owners love us.
* all pics are taken from Avent.


  1. waaaa the baby due time is gettintg close.....tik tok tik tok..ekekke

    and yes all shop owners love their customers :P apa la lu - kena pukau ?

  2. sasi - not me!! it was hubby's idea to get all those. see, not only girls can get pukau. must be the sexy shop owner lar.