Monday, December 10, 2007

sui boh

After viewing the pics taken on my sis's wedding day, i went back to my own wedding day pics :D We hired a pro photographer to cover our wedding days from morning, as early as 6am until 10pm+. There are a few pics which i like very much.

The Cicak-man is none other than hubby, in one of his ordeal, getting the sweets off from the wall using only his mouth & no chairs. This was specially prepared by his truly...hehehehe..... Hubby complained that i didn't take into consideration that he might actually slammed on the wall and break his 2 front tooth. Oppssss.... :P Lantak :P

My wedding dinner place (before and after). In-laws dun like the food served in hotels. So since FIL wanted to invite a lot of guests, we rented hubby's secondary school hall, the only place where it can accommodate 73tables and it's air-cond.


  1. waaa really nice - i like the second pic wif the roses

  2. I like the first and the second. Eh how much you hired the pro photographer? I wanna start budgeting already... although I am not getting married yet. Hehe. :D

  3. the price has increased since beginning of this year, ranging from RM1.5k to RM3.5K depending on your requirement.