Monday, December 10, 2007

are you hot?

Was it just me or was it due to the weather? My body temperature is rising and it's not fun. I was home alone yesterday after hubby left for his badminton practice. I perspired a lot. So, in order to not get dehydrated, I drank lots of water. In the end what I did yesterday was perspired-drank water-toilet, every 15-30mins. Crazy. I kept feeling pressure on my cervix, as if the baby is forcing himself out. Siao, too early :P Maybe the space is my tummy is getting smaller for him. Was so tired I even dozed off while watching CSI. Took late lunch with hubby and finally I started my ironing task at about 5.30pm. And my whole body was wet an hour later & I had to wash my hair for the second time of the day. Pimples decided to say hello too, all 6 of them.

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