Friday, December 7, 2007

from a girl to a lady

While waiting for lunch and i have nothing better to do, I went thru the pics of hubby and i since our courting days. I looked so small, where all my shirts were only S/M size (year 2004-2006).

Look what happened to me by the end of 2007, with a 40inch butt & 37inch belly:


  1. sasi: with make-up still boleh tahan :p

  2. aiyo...i'm not fishing for compliment lar. it's spot the difference game...hahaha :P

  3. i feel that the best of pictures is the one ur hubby posed on your left side one.

    "courting days" - hahaha old fashion words leh...

  4. dan: that was taken one day after my wedding. still slim with long hair :P i regretted after i chopped of my long hair :(