Friday, November 2, 2007

wa lang si Hokkien lang

Hubby wants to unsubscribe Dynasty Package from Astro and i agree with him. Cos, when there are only two of us at home, we watch other channels other than Wah Lai Toi & all the Chinese movies channels. Once in a while there is good show on WLT but most of the time we just skip that channel. In-laws, however, will glue to the tv for about 4-hours watching repeated Chinese series on TVB and i'll be like dungu sitting together with them. Sometimes, i have to give up my CSI series on Sunday when they want to watch another 4-hours chinese series. So i'm so glad when hubby told me Dynasty Package will be taken out from our monthly subscription.

Manatau, my happiness was cut short as he wants to replace Dynasty with Gold. For those who have Astro at home, you will know my misery. HUA HEE TAI = Endless HOKKIEN series!!! Ya allah!!! Cry here cry there, cry cry everywhere. Shout here shout there, shout everywhere.

There goes my AXN again. Cis!!!! But can i have Metro Package? *eyes blinking and trying to look as innocent as possibe*


  1. Hiieee was si kelinga lai - masi wa pun eh hiau kong/thiah Hokkien wha :) ehehehehheeheheheh

    u can check me out in my new blog -

  2. Get 2nd decoder, you will get 50% off of 2nd bill.

    OpSs..dont let your husband saw this. :p

  3. sasi: wa beh understand kelinga lang kong kelinga wa...hahaha

    zoe-t : he will ask me to keep quiet and kuai kuai listen to my boring classical musics *growl*

  4. TAK NAK to astro
    TAK NAK to streamyx
    TAK NAK to all monopoly business...
    of course unless i dont hv choice :D

    honestly, i dont subscribe ASStro at home, simply bcoz we dont glue onto TV that frequent. i spent more time on computer & books, which i think good enough.

  5. shur'tugal: sometimes i lazy to read mah :P

  6. luckily i free to read tis...if not hs turn up-side-down again.

  7. anonymous: si kui ar....i know who you are :P