Monday, November 5, 2007

dedicated to MMK

While i was ready to take my afternoon nap, i received a phone call from unknown number and it was zoe-t. Sorry, i guess i didn't have her latest number :P She said moomookun is in town with donuts and he wanted to pass some to me. And i thought he was joking when he wrote about it. Zoe-t gave him my number and i asked her how should i address him? Takkan want to call him MooMooKun? Weird huh? She didn't know the real identity too, so i waited for him to call me back since i dun have his contact. MMK called me and the reception in my house was pretty bad and finally we agreed to meet up at Sunway Mall just for donuts. Reached the mall entrance and i waited for a guy in pink shirt as told but shortly after that, received an sms from him and realised i waited at the wrong place :p So sorry.

Finally, saw MMK in person together with his girl. Tall, bigger than hubby but not too old. Maybe same age as me? I was too paiseh and he made me more paiseh by asking me to choose the donuts of my choice. So after taking what he had recommended, thanked him & waved good bye.

I walked away happily and hopped into the car. Hubby asked me, so how much was the donuts? OH MY GOD!!!! Stupid stupid stupid me, i forgot to pay MMK!!!!! So embarassing. Hubby scolded me and i called up MMK immediately. I hope his didn't think that i did that on purpose, not paying up upon delivery. You say lar, embarassing or not? What a good first impression i gave people. I'm tam ciak & i'm greedy. MMK, if i ever go to KL, will surely get you some donuts too in return.
p.s I like the mango one.


  1. Ops. Sorry I read this post so late. I was busy posting 5 post today. My bad.

    Hehe, no need to paiseh la. I gave you wrong instructions. The reception at the house was poor. I blame my girl's home.

    I am glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry about the money la. I didn't want to sell the donut in the first place. How could I, Penang people are deprived of good donuts. I made a new friend, I think nothing beats that.

    Sure thing, I will be looking forward for your donut returns. Hehe.

  2. I am 26 years old btw. :þ

  3. I'm not sure whether this is a good news to donut's lover, I saw an ads stating Missy Donut in Gurney, it's coming soon...So you guys go find out. ;)

  4. sy : You 26 years old nia and you have a kid already ar? OMG, I am getting old.

    Zoe : I will queue during their first day opening.

  5. mmk: hurry up ler, join me :)

    zoe-t: i dun think i will queue, will be waiting for MMK to go try and post his review first :D