Friday, November 2, 2007

life is good with Ashop

My online business is running slow lately. I have done so much updating to it but the response to the sale is low. I'm wondering why is that so. There are so many nice and colorful catalogues, with fancy wordings. Layout of the pages are neat and not too confusing. There is no broken links and customers get to move around easily within the website. And i have no idea why the sale is still low this month and i hope it's not getting any lower. If there is no other choice, i just have to shutdown my entire online shop, which is the last resort.

Anyway, it was my luck that i saw Ashop Commerce. I have read about it somewhere but have not really understand what it does. So when i browsed their website, i was thrilled. They have just the solution i needed for to save my online business. It has shopping cart software and entire set of ecommerce software for online businesses like me. Now i don't have to maintain my website so often, and all i need is to update the list of items in my catalogue periodically to ensure my customers get the most updated list. All other tasks will be taken care by Ashop Commerce. Life is good.

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