Friday, November 2, 2007

3 will be just nice

I was being cheeky this morning while in the car. I showed hubby my round tummy and told him that my tummy will be like this even after i give birth. The night before we saw Plastic Surgery show on Health & Living (or was it Health & Family) and they did tummy tuck for a mother of two. He assured me that he will still love me and won't ditch me for another sexier girl. And that he will be sponsoring me to all the slimming programs i want. Sound like so sweet huh?

But i told him, i will be signing up for these slimming programs AFTER my 3rd labor. He went "WHAT?!?!!??!!?!?!?" :p


  1. sy : If mothers that already give birth but don't do tummy tuck. How will it look like? Err, I cannot imagine.

  2. mmk: imagine a gigantic ham chee peng stuck to your tummy.