Tuesday, November 27, 2007

how to escape

If we follow Chinese Lunar Calendar, our very first wedding anniversary will fall on 20Dec (11th month 11th day) this year, which is also on the same day as Raya Haji. Since hubby's dept may also shutdown until next year, and i have 1 week leave to clear, we are going to...*deng* *deng* *deng*....stay at home whole week until New Year.

If not, where else to go lar? Go makan? Go shopping? Please give me some suggestions. I dun want to stay at home and watch Astro. Oh yeah, hubby subscribed Astro Metro for me. He also moved the Poang chair back to my territory, under the fan, in front of the aircond :D Dun you wish you have a hubby like mine? ;)


  1. I wish i could. mum ajak me to langkawi / spore too. Unfortunately, hubby banned the idea....so sian.