Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Whenever i see people with sachets of Nescafe, Old Town White Coffee, Aik Cheong 2-in-1 Coffee, Kopiko etc etc, i just wish i could join them. Think of the coffee aroma the moment you pour hot water into your cup, the moment you stir it...heaven...

Let's get back into reality. I have to refrain myself from taking all these caffeinated drinks. I dun even remember the last time i enjoyed a cup of nescafe. Was it the red packet or the green one? Now i'm craving for coffee & carbonated drinks & ice cream. You can give me ice cream at anytime and i will just swallow the whole thing without second thought.

Last night, after dinner, hubby and i decided to dropby at a newly opened shop selling baby stuff near our house. The business was so good and the things are so much cheaper compared to Jusco/Sunshine. Too bad we have bought almost everything during Jusco sale 2 weeks ago :P For a same baby bath tub, we got it for RM25 at Jusco but the shop sells it for RM14. 20% off for all Avent products except breast pump. Heartache only. Am having headache to choose from different types of breast pump. There are manual, electric & battery operated. Prices ranges from very low to very high, RM88 to RM699. Should i get a cheap one and breastfeed for 2months plus? Should i invest in a better one to last me longer, say 10months? But then again, will i be producing enough or it will stop after 2-3 months? So cheap one or reliable one? Headache only. In the end we didn't get anything breast pump again, but got myself a tin of
Karihome goat milk powder. Minum Anmum + karihome goat milk = me sihat & kuat :P

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