Tuesday, November 27, 2007

thanks to zoe-t

I just have to thank zoe-t for bringing back some cinnamon rolls all the way from KL for me. Was supposed to take the box from her on Sunday but hubby was not around and we were heading off for dinner, so timing not ngam ler. Anyway, got the box from her on Monday morning. She said that she has forgotten what were the flavors in each box so i have to taste them and find out. If she hasn't told me there are 4 different flavors in the box, i would just taken for granted that all of them were...cinnamon rolls. So i took each out and sniffed each of them, trying to identify their difference. I could only tell that one of them was apple cinnamon rolls. However, the rest of the rolls smelled and tasted the same to me :P Oops, i forgot to take a pic of them and by the time i remembered, there were only 1 left in the box. Such a glutton. Anyway, i didn't eat them all by myself. Passed 1 to sis, 1 to hubby and...*ahem*....2 for myself :D

You may see the pic from Dan's blog. He taught me how to enjoy the rolls but unfortunately, it was too late. By the time we reached home, only 1 roll left. Who cares about heating it up, i just walloped the last roll :D


  1. how to wallop a cinnamon roll...lol.

  2. I'm hungry and I miss the cinnamon roll. :p

  3. should not crave for something which is not available in penang :D

    i want ikea's meatballs =P