Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Deepavali

I'm going hiatus from tomorrow onwards till next Tues. To those who are celebrating Deepavali and planning to invite me to their open house, please try to accommodate to my busy schedule :D :D

Wed-Thurs : Hotel stay with in-laws and hubby ( if only they dun tag along, bad bad DIL :P)

Friday : Escape from work & get ready for trip.

Saturday : Plan to go to Ikea, otherwise stay in Ipoh.

Sunday : Attending friend's wedding in Batu Gajah.

Monday : Back to Penang.

See you next week =)


  1. I know the reason you want to go to people's house for deepavaali celebration. You go for the food!

  2. better dont go. coz...

    if ur baby is girl next time marry indian guy.
    if ur baby is boy next time marry indian girl.

    think about it.... :D

  3. i'm offended.

    what's wrong with marrying MY KIND??!

  4. mmk: of cos lar go for the food. takkan want to meet their relatives :D

    shur'tugal: uh-oh, you're going to offend more people.

    dan: so sorry, dun blame him. there's nothing wrong. my uncle married one too ;)

  5. Shur-tugal : Wert...wht worng wit my kind.../cry

    Sy : your right :( - but its ok la :) hehehe

  6. woops, so many people didnt notice that i'm just joking. happy deepavali k, roar!