Monday, November 5, 2007

apple, anyone?

Last Friday, we left work place quite early and reached home around 6.45pm. Since the day was still bright, hubby suggested that we go for a walk since i need to exercise more. Aiyoo....damn sian.

Me : Can i bring an apple along during the walk?
Hubby: Why? (and continued to drink water)
Me : Cos i'm afraid i will go hungry while walking

Hubby started to puke water the moment i finished my sentence. The walk is less than 1km and i was being tam ciak as ever.


  1. Cant help it mah. Pregnant woman always eat more. Maybe your baby is the one that is tam ciak.

  2. yeah, i always need to bring along an energy bar whenever i step out from the house, except when we're going out for meals. i dun like gassy tummy and feeling vomitish whole day when i go hungry :P