Monday, October 22, 2007

my hubby is back

14 Oct
MIL bought me some dim sum for breakfast and she went out to run errands again and also to take care of the shop. So kind of her to take such good care of me when hubby's away. I was enjoying my home alone and before i knew it, mil came back again at about 2pm. But i continued doing what i was doing and let her watched the 4-hours non-stop chinese series. Was counting down when hubby would be home. I'm not comfortable staying alone with in-laws at home without hubby. Maybe cos i'm too lazy to entertain people at home. It's different when hubby is around, i have someone to scold, to order around, to make fun and to bully :P Hubby is always the pathetic one when in-laws are not around. Well, he's my one and only punch bag & sometimes i just love to "teh" with him so much until he beh tahan. My punch bag, my teh bag?

I was not used to have him away cos practically we see each other from the moment we open our eyes until bedtime. That's your priviledge when your partner is working in the same company as you are. And his dept is next to mine, so close huh? Go to toilet, he can see me. Go to cafeteria, he can see me. Go anywhere also he can see me. Jealous or not?

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  1. just a note of warning, seeing each other too frequent is not necessary good. it may be for a while, particularly early in your relationship, but eventually there maybe a high possiblility of boredom when seeing each other. it's still better to have own personal time & space so that you dont forget yourself and your nature.