Monday, October 22, 2007

13 Oct

13 Oct
Hubby and fil left for Spore on Saturday afternoon to run errands in Spore. It's fil's first time to board a plane and he was so excited like a kid, according to hubby. He was wondering how could a plane so big flies in the sky carrying so many passengers. Welcome to the high-tech world, fil :) So, i drove home together with mil. I cooked my own dinner while mil went out to run some errands too. She only came home when it was dinner time. I lied to her that mum packed food for me a day before, to avoid mil to ta pao super big portion food for me. In actual fact, i just fried egg, ham & ate them with bread. It was filling though. But before i could finish my dinner, mil came. Die ler, so i poured the whole plate of food into my mouth and trying to swallow everything before she found out what my dinner was :P Barely 10.30pm, she started to feel sleepy and asking me whether i want to go to sleep or not. By 11pm, she asked me to go to sleep and switched off the tv. Iskh!! Can't she just go to sleep and leave me alone in the living room.
Guess what, fortunately she was down with heavy flu as she planned to sleep in my room in case i'm afraid of the dark! I thanked Buddha for that. I couldn't sleep that night as that was the first time i'm sleeping alone in my room with a king size bed. So i sms hubby to tell him, i can't sleep without his smell. Hahaha...go ahead and vomit :P :P :P

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