Monday, October 22, 2007

when you're away

Hubby always goes for his weekly badminton routine on Sunday leaving me at home all alone. I followed him to the game once but i didn't quite like it. Everybody played like a pro except me and i do not know how to play badminton so well. I rather choose to stay at home and wait for him to return patiently. When he's away, i will go to casino online and play my online betting games. It has various type of betting from sports to card games. I'm not a good gambler and i do not gamble even during Chinese New Year. Perhaps, i'm just too chicken to even lose a dollar. So by playing online gambling game, i'm able learn a few new tricks on certain card games. Watch out, i'm going to be prepared for this coming Chinese New Year. Speaking of that, maybe I should practice my skills with hubby first. Win or lose, the money will go to me in the end.

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