Friday, October 12, 2007

back dated post

I have a lot of things to write but i think i've forgotten most of it. Wanted to blog about it after Raya break but i was procrastinating till today. Serve me right, i'm having temp memory loss now. Maybe i should just label my post.

11 Oct (Hubby's birthday)
Hubby dropped me for my monthly facial while he went to walk around at QB as usual. I didn't like the service from my facial center this time. The Malay staff was rushing thru my facial as she wanted to break fast in time. Hey, if you want to work, work properly. I hate it so much and i think i've wasted the money spent on my eye mask this time. Anyway, called hubby when i was out from the centre and headed to Dome. It was my treat this time. He ordered Grilled Chicken in Creamy Turmeric Sauce, while mine was Dome chicken & mushroom & French Fries. The food was just okay, nothing to shout about. I remember the one in Gurney was much nicer. Will post up the pics when hubby downloads the pics from his phone.

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