Friday, October 12, 2007

Portable DVD player

I do not have the freedom to watch any movies i like when in-laws are around in the house. All they like is Chinese series as well as noisy game shows. Being a considerate me, it never crossed my mind to fight with them. How i wish i have a portable DVD player in my room. I could spend whole day having movie marathon in the room with nobody distrubing me.

I nearly got myself a portable 10 inch DVD player during my department team building lucky draw a few weeks back. There were about 50 gifts but just too bad luck as not on my side on that day. Anyway, i'm going to buy myself a portable DVD player soon too. I just found out an online electronic store called which offers a great deal of portable DVD player which are Divx capable. I’ll just have to wait for hubby to come back from his business trip for his credit card number *evil smile*.

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