Monday, September 10, 2007

my 24/7 hubby

Last Friday, i whined to hubby again about my headache, so being a 24/7 hubby, he drove me all the back to mainland before he returned to work. Envy or not? Ever since i started pregnant, he has been treating me X-tra good. I'm like a queen at home. Not only i dun have to do house chores now, even the word "i'm hungry" will make him jump off from what he's doing and get me something to eat from the kitchen, be it morning, afternoon or midnight. There was one time i told him i was hungry at 4am. Without a word, a glass of hot milk was brought to the room for me :D Much better than a 6-star hotel treatment :P He used to tell me, he couldn't stand the sight of people vomiting. Unfortunately, i've done that right beside him 6 times already . No complaints from him so far and he didn't feel vomitish when i was vomiting. Who's going to drive if both of us vomit at the same time?

Now i just want to take back all the hurtful words i shot him last time when i went crazy and for treating him as my roommate instead of my life partner. What to do, i couldn't control my temper when i'm angry mah.