Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2nd checkup

I was just being paranoid with people asking me whether i was really pregnant which made me doubt so too. Even mil asked me whether i'm really confirmed pregnant. So when i went for 2nd checkup, i faked a serious stomachache on the left hand side of my lower abdomen. Wanted to fool them and at the same time reassure that the fetus is in my womb and i'm not having ectopic pregnancy. After having my tummy scanned, the doc detected my baby's heartbeat, i was so relieved. Finally i know is the exact location my baby is now, right beneath my spare tyre :p

This film was taken during my 2nd checkup on 15Aug (10weeks). Baby-T is only 2.79cm now.


  1. Who is this MIL character in your blog?

    ...and I comment until my keyboard no ink...why u nvr link to my so beloved blog one?

  2. MIL - mother-in-law.

    Okay ler, linked you already.

  3. good to see everything is OK with u. congrats again =P typically, u should gain between 10 - 20 kg, depends on individuals, so do not fear of gaining weight & get fat :D

  4. boyfren, gaining 10-20kg is easy, but losing it will take years.