Friday, September 14, 2007

swan or ugly duck?

My waist is expanding like nobody's business. Now i can officially keep all my hip hugging pants and start wearing maternity pants that make me look like a clown. Not only i dun have any pants to wear, my tops are limited too. Just too lazy to go get maternity clothings, tummy is no big enough for me to estimate on the correct size. Haven't done any survey but i've received a set of maternity clothings from ah kim for my bday :D People say if i look untidy & lazy, high percentage i'll give birth to a girl and otherwise. True meh? I definitely look untidy, lazy, not presentable & FAT now. Growing into a giant with messy hair, what more can make me look uglier? Perhaps i should post monthly pic of me during my pregnancy. From a swan into ugly duck....hahaha :P Don't choke yourself :P :P


  1. ya ya. faster post.

    make sure can see ur tummy u need minus the stuff covering it when u take the pics...and this can help u get past PR 0. in my humble honest twisted opinion.

  2. but will have to wait till my protruding belly button is visible before i uncover my tummy.

  3. mysterious.

    anyway..ur expanding waist is anakku's business.

  4. Annum loves me too. Annum Materna, Annum Breastfeeding, Annum Kids......