Monday, September 3, 2007

i'm going to be a mother =)

Here is a pop quiz. Do you recognize what's in the picture below? =)

I did UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test) on 16 Jul, 10 days after i missed my last mensus and it turned out to be positive =) Even before i tested, i just have the feeling something is growing inside my tummy. I guess it's mother's instinct kua. First few symptoms were i was very irritable & emotional. Small matters pissed me off and i felt like crying when things didn't go my way. To make things worse, we had endless fights at home. But dear hubby was also trying his best to be patient with me even though i throw tantrum all the time. Sometimes, he'll just mogok silently. So when the test showed i'm pregnant, he so shocked but happy at the same time.

Now i can proudly declare to everyone that i'm 13 weeks pregnant. And yes, i've put on a lot of weight and i can't fit into my jeans anymore. Limited clothes to wear now. Haven't really bought any maternity clothes since my tummy is not bloated enough. I just have to unbutton the button of my pants now. Tummy is getting bigger gradually & i think must be due to fat too.

The reason i kept this a secret due to my mil being very superstitous. Must not let anybody know that you're pregnant before you're 3 months pregnant except close family members. If you have noticed, i kept blogging about having headache & gassy tummy. That's my morning sickness, no vomitting though *touch wood*. My appetite is driving me crazy. I cannot take sweet & sour food now, including laksa & tomyam. Feel like vomiting just by smelling laksa & tomyam which i used to LOVE a lot. I only crave for salty food, McD's double cheese burger + fries, fish porridge & tau ew bak (meat cooked with soya sauce). And i extremly like hot pao sim drink (american ginseng). Dunno will it be a Mickey or Minnie Mouse.


  1. GRATS Mummy-to-be.

    place your bets.
    mickey (pays 2 to 1)
    minnie (pays 2 to 1)
    mice (pays 21 to 1)
    mriplets (pays 101 to 1)

  2. thank you, thank you. so will all the bets go to me in the end??