Thursday, August 30, 2007

very pathetic

Was going to heat up food for dinner while waiting for hubby to return from work. But he only reached home around 8pm+ last night due to massive jam on the bridge again. I dread for today's jam. Was having this thought, it's a good thing i'm not a housewife. I dun like to have to wait for hubby for dinner every night & i dun like watching Astro all day long. If i'm going to be a full time housewife, i want to have my own laptop & internet connection at home to blog blog blog whole day long and earn more $$$. People are making averagely USD3K monthly but i'm only accumulating my first USD1K. Sad isn't?

1 comment:

  1. not entirely true la...

    for one...u don't need a mirror to fully realize how pathetic and sad u are. at least u r a person that reflects on herself. not too bad. i'll give u credit for that. which brings your overall rating as a person to around 11/100 points.