Monday, June 18, 2007

Bangkok - Day 3

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15June Day3
Woke up at 5am to catch the 6am bus (BKK time). We took packed breakfast from the hotel since it took 45mins before we reached Southern Bus Terminal to catch another bus to the Floating Market. The bus dropped us at Southern Bus Terminal where we saw a lot of buses. Uncertain of which bus to take, we asked a passerby to guide us. She took us to a bus nearby where the driver kept saying "Yes yes yes" for every questions we asked him. Sensing something was not right, we went to another 7-11 and asked a guy. The guy was kind enough and brought us into the Southern Bus Terminal counter itself and asked for bus info for us. It was RM8 per person and we thanked him & waited for the bus to arrive 20mins later.

The moment we got onto the bus, everybody slept until the bus conductor woke us up. To our surprise, we reached a place where there is only 1 boat station and the lady was charging us RM30 per person. We got CONNED by the bus driver. We didn't want to get on the boat & tried to tell the bus conductor they dropped us at the wrong place. All of a sudden, the bus conductor suddenly kept quiet & dun want to entertain us & pretend dunno how to speak english!! No other choice except to bargain with the lady. The price was reduced from RM210 to RM200...big deal!! Sis said that her friends hired a boat for RM110 only. The lady threaten us that the market will be closed by 11am (BKK time) & that time was already 9am (BKK time). My da jie & i were very angry so we spoke using calculator only. She reduced the price to RM190, last price according to her. We insisted RM100. Then my sis couldn't tolerate anymore, said that we're only going to pay RM110. The lady agreed. Later i found out that the canal tour is only RM50...damn it! After touring the river which was very crowded with seller & tourists, we took a yellow bus back to the bus station to switch to another bus back to Bangkok.

first seller who approached us with mangosteens

more things to bargin for

2nd hiccup of the day, the yellow bus dropped us somewhere in the town of Dumneon Saduak and told us to wait for a bus there. @#$@!!! I got so angry but what to do, we had to trust him. Waited anxiously for 30mins & a bus came and picked us all up.

3rd hiccup, we were left at unknown place again where we had to walk about 20mins. All of us gave up & we stopped a bus to take us to the bus station. Initially, we wanted to visit the Grand Palace but everybody was dead tired & we ended up taking the bus back to our hotel where everybody slept like a pig.

Sis woke us all up for dinner. We walked to MRT station from our hotel place again to Lamphoon. There is a famous seafood restaurant called Somboon Seafood. My sis said her friend got tricked by tuktuk to another restaurant with similar name where they spent RM400 for 2 persons. Crazy. So we walked all the way to the restaurant, about 20mins walk. Finally reached the restaurant and ordered the famous crab curry, steamed seabass, garlic prawns & not forgetting Tom Yam Kung. Delicious & filling and it was only RM154. No wonder the restaurant was so packed.

Took a train back to National Stadium then to Saphan Taksin to the Sky Bar (Sirroco) at Lebhua State Tower. Open-air bar at 6th floor. Dress code must be decent & no jeans & sports attire are allowed. I was wearing my Nike which i think they didn't aware :P There's nothing to shout about the SkyBar @ Sirroco. Drinks were cheaper ranging from RM40-25. I ordered Silver Moon while the rest ordered Bailey's, Heineken, Blue Moon, Fruit Punch & something else. Free cashew nut. Spent an hour or so there and decided to go home.

Bus No.511 outside Samran Place Hotel to Southern Bus Terminal (RM1.30)
Bus No.996 Southern Bus Terminal to Dumneon Saduak Floating Market (RM8)
Canal Tour (RM110)
Yellow Bus from floating market to Dumneon Saduak town bus stop (RM0.50)
Bus No.78( Dumneon Saduak town to Bangkok opposite Lumpini Place building (RM6.40)
Bus No.511 from Southern Bus Terminal – Samran Place Hotel (RM1.30)
Ratchathewi BTS - National Stadium BTS) (RM2)
National Stadium BTS – Saphan Taksin BTS (RM2)
Saphan Taksin BTS - Ratchathewi BTS (RM3)


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