Monday, June 18, 2007

Bangkok - Day 2

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14June Day 2
Parents, da jie & i took breakfast at the hotel while the rest bought some food while on the way to BTS station. We were on our way to MBK and all other shopping complexes nearby. A taxi driver approached us and told us that it's too early and all the shopping complexes are still closed. He then offered to drive us to another market to shop. Luckily we've read about all the scams in Bangkok and we ignored him. But no doubt he was right about we were too early, it was only 9am BKK time. So we walked all the way to National Stadium BTS to find way to Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha) & Chinatown. Got the direction from BTS officer and while on the way down the stairs, a lady in her mid 50s approached us. She talked to dad in TeoChew & recommended us to take taxi instead since there are 7 of us. Ignore her again and we took bus to Wat Traimit. From Wat Traimit, we walked to Chinatown then spent 30mins looking for a bus stop to take us back to National Stadium BTS, just like what the Amazing Race competitors always do.

From there we walked all the way to Erawan shrine. Stopped for McD at Siam Paragon and before we continued our journey, we stopped by at a Tourist Info Center booth to get more information for Dumneon Saduak Floating Market and other places. After praying at Erawan Shrine, we took MRT back to MBK.

Lunch was at MBK food court. The food is about the same price as our food court at big shopping complexes. Ranging from RM3-8. Mum insisted we get more bottles of mineral water (more seawater without salt). I got a Adidas shirt for hubby and was so tempted to get a new pair of purple Nike for myself. We sat near the MBK atrium, resting and while waiting for the Suan Lum Market to be opened at 7pm. Saw a Thai waitress flirting with an ang moh customer. Also saw a drug addict nearby. Within a few minute a police officer approached & questioned him. The police officer was so efficient.

Took BTS to Lumphini & had dinner there. Proceeded to walk around Suan Lum Night Market. It was hot & humid & crowded. Mum was grumbling non-stop. Can't blame her, she is not used to walk for so long & she doesn't like crowded place like that. Anyway, we didn't shop much there. I got some magnets for my fridge & a pair of sandals. Called sis's bf to urge him to go home.

1) Wat Traimit
Bus No.73 same side of National Stadium BTS - Wat Traimit (RM1.40)
Bus No.73 at Wat Traimit - National Stadium BTS (RM1.40)

2) Erawan Shrine
National Stadium BTS – Chit Lom BTS (RM2)
Chit Lom BTS - National Stadium BTS (RM2)

3)Suan Lum Night Market
National Stadium BTS - Sala Daeng BTS (RM 2)
Interchg at Silom BTS – Lumphini BTS (RM 1.50)

4) Back to Hotel
Lumphini BTS – Interchg at Silom BTS (RM 1.50)
Sala Daeng BTS – Ratchathewi BTS (RM2)


  1. I like your hair on Day 2. One purple, one white. You got style girl........but I think no mirror. :-)

  2. i wanted both side to be purple but my hairstylist out of colors, boh huat...have to settle with what the hairstylist gave me.