Monday, June 18, 2007

Bangkok - Day 4

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16June Day 4
Mum tried to wake dad & youngest sis for breakfast. Nobody wants to go for breakfast since we had a tiring day before that. I went to breakfast with mum & sis & her bf. We packed breakfast for the rest. Finally we took a bus from our hotel to Grand Palace & Wat Phra Keow. On the bus, a Thai guy volunteered to bring us to Wat Phra Keow since we're unsure on where to begin. We were inside the compound where we were stopped by a few guys with badges. Thinking that they're trying to cheat us as well, we ignored them. However more people with badges came to stop us & were very fierce. Finally convinced by them, we went to rent clothes to cover our "aurat" before going into the temple & grand palace. Even sis's bf also had to rent a pair of pants and shirt since he was wearing 3/4pants & sleeveless. Took a very fast tour around the temple & grand palace. Saw the Emerald Buddha & blessed ourselves with blessed water using lotus flower. From there we took a bus to Chatuchak Market directly. Took lunch at one of the coffee shops where the auntie mistaken dad for being a Thai. Must be his skin color...hehehe. After lunch, we proceeded to CTC market entrance. We were separated into 2 groups since the place is so big with 15000 stalls. You won't be able to find anybody in that area even if you have CTC map in your hand. Believe me, it's big & crowded makes you very sticky & hot. I had to search for dried prawns and you will never believe how many stall owners & police officers i approached before getting to the correct stall. The dried prawns was priced at RM36/kg but the girl gave me discounted price at RM32. I asked her to give more discount, she reduced to RM28 "last price". I asked her for more discount. She then asked me to give her a price (it's their tactic). So rubbed her back (no harassment) & smiled at her and told her RM20 :P She kept saying "no, cannot....please please please". I kept smiling at her but firmed with RM20 :D In the end, she gave up and packed for me. I'm not sure whether it was a good deal or not, but i'm definitely happy with the price :>

Just when we were on our way out from the mess, sis wanted to get to the first shop to buy her bag. Ya we went for a big round in search of the "first shop". Looking on the bright side, we found a stall selling tidbits & selling fried insects & maggots >: Took the MRT back and bathed. Went out for dinner on the right hand side of our hotel, seafood stall. We ordered 5 dishes but they served 6 dishes. The extra dish was Mango salad (kerabu mango). Unsure whether it was papaya or mango salad, i took a bit and tested without realising what i've done and confirmed it was mango salad which we wanted to order earlier but didn't :P The rest scolded me jokingly for being siao to taste the food like that. I didn't know why on earth i did that. I calculated the price for dinner was RM75+ but it turned out to be RM69. I think they have made a big mistake. A girl came to do the calculation by just looking at the leftover dishes on our table. How on earth will she know what we had earlier since there were only empty plates on the table. So stupid :P Anyway, we went back to hotel, packed & calculated the expenses for each person. RM547 per head, including accommodation, transportation, meals & airport transfer. That's so cheap isn't it? I only spent RM200 for shopping :D


1) Grand Palace/Wat Phra Keow
Bus No.2 from Samran Place Hotel to Grand Palace/Wat Phra Keow (RM0.70)
Grand Palace/Wat Phra Keow entrance fee (RM25)

2) Chatuchak Weekend Market
Bus No. 44 from Grand Palace/Wat Phra Keow – Chatuchak Weekend Market (RM1.50)
Kampung Pheat MRT – Chatuchak Park BTS (RM1)
Interchg Mo Chit MRT – Ratchathewi BTS (RM 1.50)


  1. On the last day... Your camera run out of battery. So you didnt take any pics. Sad sad...

  2. weather was too hot, i didn't bring out my digicam, lazy.