Monday, June 18, 2007

Bangkok - Day 1

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I'm back from Bangkok and i have a lot of things to blog about.

13June Day 1
On Weds, My da jie & i took full day leave. I dropped hubby at office and off to EPF to do my house loan transaction. Not too many people before me and i was attended by the same sweet Malay lady at the same counter as hubby. The girl was very nice to me and fortunate i brought all the documents needed without having to go for a few more round. Hubby had to go back 3 times. After about 30mins, i drove back to mum's apartment to re-pack my luggage. We decided to bring 3 bottles of RO water each, which means total of 21 bottles. The water there is too dirty, according to sis it's like drinking sea water without salt, get what i mean? Finally, packed all the water bottles & off to airport. Waited for 3rd sis & her hubby-to-be to gather with us at the airport. Boarded the plane 5.05pm. Before that we passed RM200 for sis’s bf who was our treasurer throughout the trip

When we finally reached the airport but had to wait for very long queue at the custom before we finally see someone holding sis's name at the airport...sis got very excited & took pic with our driver :D On our way to the hotel, he showed us photos & tour packages from his company hoping we will hire him for the rest of our trip. No way, we did our homework already :P Hotel rooms were very comfortable though not too big, as long as it's clean & no sticky toilet floor. We wanted to add extra bed but i guessed the receptionist didn't get us, so we saved about RM320.

First place we went after settled down was the night market on the left of our hotel. Had our dinner there: noodle soup, kuey teow soup, fried oyster, fried kuey teow, wantan mee & no drinks. The drink stall owner dares not approach us since he dun speak english hahaha. Anyway, sis ordered tomyam mee and when it came, he passed her 2 packets of ingredients, just like the ones we used to cooked instant tomyam mee. That bowl costs RM4, so expensive. We had a walk at the night market to get some skewers & drinks. Sis bought a pair of slippers for RM5.90 only. Back to hotel to rest.


  1. which one is you in the pic? The fat orange one or the one with the stick through your tummy?

  2. i wasn't in the pic, i'm in the display cabinet, limited edition :)