Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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31 March 2007

My 3rd sis is getting married. Did you know how she broke the news to up? First we were treated for a meal near grandpa's place. Dinner was just okay, lack of food i could say. First round, 4 plates of dishes and my da jie and i were shocked that's it for dinner. Luckily, 3rd sis continued to order another 3 plates of food but also finished in no time. My stomach was still very empty. Nevermind, since it was a treat, so just kept quiet with empty stomach.

We went back to mum's apt after dinner to celebrate her bday. Helped mum to bring down some canned drinks & 3rd sis bought a minute cake. No Secret Recipe cake? Sang bday song and asked her to make a wish. She didn't want to make a wish, but instead just broke the news that she is getting married. I was not shocked at all cos this is something we all already expected after my weddding & after the strings of questions she asked me about weddings. She told us the ddate is 1st Dec, but mum corrected her. OKay, still cool about this. And if you know me, it's usual for me to post long lists of questions to her. When is tai chan, where is the dinner, all those wedding related questions. Apparently, her tai chan also already over!! Wow, why parents are so secretive about her wedding? Then i started to ask more questions and everything seemed to be already confirmed. Venues, time, plans.....without telling us in advance. At that moment, i was so angry with them all. They dun treat me like one of them. They dun even care to discuss anything with us or at least inform me when they were in the mid of planning the wedding. Why not they just send us the invitation card one month before the wedding, just to inform us of the date & venue.

I was really upset, really upset.

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