Wednesday, April 11, 2007

long live mat rempit....

FIL got mugged 1 day before we return from our honeymoon. It was only 4.30am when he was on the way to deliver newspapers. The traffic lights turned green and before he could move, another motorbike went in front and stopped him. Knowing they are Mat Rempit, he tried to escape by doing a U-turn to the road opposite. At that moment, another motorbike came up from behind, he was trapped between 2 bikes. One of the Mat Rempit got down from the bike with a knife wrapped with newspapers and held it to FIL's neck. 2nd MR snatched his pouch while 3rd MR inspected his clothes for more valuable things. 4th MR looked out for police. Very cooperative & fast. Within seconds, they took off from there, but one bike U-turn and went back to FIL. Stupid MR, they couldn't find FIL wallet from the pouch, so went back to FIL to check. FIL had to tell them the wallet is located in another section in the pouch....stupid. So off they escaped. What to do, FIL reported to the police. Hua...the policeman told him that he was the 11th person to report to police that very day. MR gang robbed 11 persons within 2 hours on the same day. What is the policeman doing??

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