Tuesday, April 10, 2007

honeymoon III

22 March
The moment we got onto the bus, the tour guide was busy telling us about Empress Dowager using pearl cream last time. Wow, i think my dermalogica works better..hehehe. Anyway, we went into the factory in groups. The salesgirl demo-ed some experiments for us, before we proceed to the next trap. Yeah, i label it as trap, you will know why soon. So, this guy took out a box consists of 6 bottle of pearl cream & added 4 bottles if we buy the 6 bottles. Total is RMB900 for 10bottles of pearl cream, equivalent to RM45 each. Before we even tried to negotiate for a better price, he kept all the bottles and asked us to leave. So rude!! Of cos we just leave lar, so action. To be continued....

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