Tuesday, April 10, 2007

honeymoon II

21 March 2007

Touched down on Beijing international airport. Saw a lot of Chinaman + ang mohs. Queued up for such a long time before we were instructed to put on our long johns. I was practically sweating in the toilet while trying so hard to put on the long john. So tight and uncomfortable. Later we were introduced to our tour guide, a big sized guy. The moment we stepped out from the airport, could feel mist coming out from our mouth. Was so amazed and excited of cos. First destination was to have another round of breakfast. They fed us well. Little did we know that it was going to be the best breakfast in Beijing.

It took about 30mins before we reached Tianmen Square to see the big pic of Mao Tze Dong. Lots of chinaman around and it was so cold i couldn't stop shivering. Hands were freezing and it was only 7degrees. Like all other tours, we were intro to our videoman who would be following us for the rest of the trip. I couldn't care less for her since i have my very own videoman (my dear hubby). Half sleepy & half cold, we followed the tour guide to go around the place until we ended up in Forbidden City. Can you believe that if we didn't ask the tour guide, we wouldn't know that we're in forbidden city at all. Nothing spectacular about FC since most of the structures are under renovation.

Took lots of pics then we proceeded to have our Emperor's Lunch. The dishes were nothing to shout about. Fried fish, meat, veggies....nothing special to us. The tour guide was so kind and allowed us to check in to have 3hours of sleep before we proceed to the next destination. I took off my heavy jacket + long john and felt unconscious on the bed in the hotel room.

Right before dinner, we were dropped to shop in town area near a big church. We didn't want to buy anything at first, until we came to Baleno. It was having sale there. I got myself 2 wool shirt which were only RM10 each. Hubby got himself 2 pairs of pants, RM20 each.

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