Tuesday, April 10, 2007

honeymoon I

20 March 2007

Our cold war has not ended. We went to office with our darkest face even on our honeymoon day. After work, bathed and sis dropped us at the airport. Anyway, by the time we were in the airport, both of us felt better and started to tease each other in the airport while waiting for the stupid flight. Just an hour before we check-into the departure lounge, i saw Nicol David, the world squash champion. Was desperate to take pics with her but hubby said no. My face turned dark again until we got on the flight. Hubby explaining to me why he got so upset with me & persuaded me to be happy. Okay, i gave in in the end :) My first experience on the flight was wonderful. I got to watch a few movies & went for a few rounds of drinks and food. It was so great, free movies + food. We finally slept at around 2am but woke up again at 5am for breakfast.

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