Thursday, February 22, 2007

1st CNY spent with hubby

I think mum-in-law is offended.

30th night, we had steamboat with her god-daughter. Everybody did a lot walking from the kitchen and back to dining hall with water dripping from hands and food. As usual, i just couldn't stand it, so wiped whole kitchen & mopped whole place clean.

1st day of CNY, we all went over to his grandma's place. Passed angpow to his uncle & grandma then off we all went over to my mum's side for visiting. BY the time we reached home, headache came back the moment i stepped into the warm & stuffy living room. Father-in-law (FIL) as usual will be occupying one of the sofa. Told mum-in-law (MIL) that parents will be dropping over and she cannot stop insisting that she will heat up overnight dishes and serve them. I told her repeatedly, no they're not going to stay for dinner. Yet she dun seem to get the idea and kept coaxing me to agree with her to heat up all the leftover dishes from 29th & 30th. @#$@#$. I was so pissed of at that time & at the same time she had to ask me where i kept the tissue boxes!!! Couldn't stand it anymore...i slammed the drawers in the kitchen (while they were all outside in the living room) and told them i dunno and rushed up to my room. Told hubby about MIL forcing parents to eat leftover dishes. He calmed me down and said that he would take care of everything. Felt better after that. Changed and went down to serve all of them with tidbits & drinks. MIL just couldn't stop ordering me to bring this bring that out for parents. Of cos i controlled my temper and at that time some more could afford to smile. After some time, MIL decided to cook everybody dinner. So off i went to kitchen to help out. Mum was there to chat with her too. So finally decided to cook only the crabs & meat & fresh veggies. I didn't touch any of the dishes cos too tired. Mopped and cleaned the whole places again. Even mopped the dining hall. After sent off parents, i went to bathe & finally got time to rest and watch tv. FIL just had to say this phrase "It's your dad's fault also for not taking care of ah kong until ah kong's condition became like that" Hua!!!!! He dun even know the exact story and why xiao ku had to take care of ah kong in the first place. I was so angry with FIL there and then. He didn't know how ah kong tried to hug mum and that's why dad had to send ah kong to stay with xiao ku until mum recovers. Okay, 1st of cny....smileeeeeeee

2nd day of CNY, MIL started her usual way of talking again. Go round the bush again about not wanting to go to see her side of the family. Still we all ended up in KK. I was enjoying myself there seriously. Cos takkan want to sit at home and watch astro all the time. Until we had to go home cos there's another reunion at mum's aprt. Headache started again on the way back. We dragged ourselves to mum's place and more food also but tired. Got home around 12am & slept until 3am when the alarm went off. Set the alarm so that hubby gets to say good bye to bro-in-law mah. Cos hubby was surprised BIL had to go home so early this CNY, so tried to do him a favor by setting up the alarm. But unfortunately, BIL chg the time to 6am.
3rd day of CNY, luckily i woke up in time to wake hubby up. So difficult to wake him up. He was mumbling and asking so many questions....iskh! Didn't bother much, still dragged him off the bed. Managed to say good bye to BIL and went off to bed. Woke up at 11am and found FIL lying on the sofa again. He was debating whether to go visit his frens in PG or not. Oh yeah, before that, i went to kitchen to find MIL heating up meat & soup. All the leftover dishes was poured into a pot and made into "chai buay teng". I just cannot imagine how to eat from the pot. Imagine saliva from 10+ persons boiled into one pot...yucks!! That time, my fire started but of cos not showing it to anybody. During lunch, MIL told me they cooked for yesterday dinner. So after lunch, i wiped the stove again. She told me, she didn't cook on the other side of the stove, why have to wipe. I told her, nevermind lar, just wipe it clean. She was okay with it. After she left the kitchen....i started to wipe everywhere & stack up all the plates & pots. Cleaned the fridge and ice. I was angry at that time, i dunno why. So i threw the ice into the sink - 50% not on purpose cos the ice was slippery but i was happy with the loud sound. MIL rushed to the kitchen and asked me what was going on. Accident, that's what i told her. Went to PG and in-laws went off to visit friends on my bike. Went to buy some food for tea time. Mum lectured me on my bad temper again...bla bla bla. After in-laws came back from visiting, we rushed off to SP again. Jammed for like an hour plus. Had good dinner at MIL's sis's house. Hulamak...they forced me to sing in public!! I already said dun want and they some more forced me!!! Okay okay, i was in bad mood also so i just ignored them all. Reached home so late and i gave hubby a good "massage" and both of us slept until 12pm+ the next day.

4th day of CNY, so glad to stay at home with hubby without doing anything. Just eat and watch tv and relaxing. Too bad headache came back and i had to sleep to forget about the headache. In-laws came over again. Pestering me to see the doc. I know they're very nice to me but with the headache and pestering....i was so sian... i dun mean to be rude to them, but they always like to pester me to do things i already know how to do. I just dun like it. But since they're my in-laws and hubby's parents, and i love my hubby, my hubby loves them, so i'll learn to love them too. Maybe it's my temper again. i just dun like to be controlled.

I'm really sorry if i've offended in-laws or hubby in one way or another. I'm still learning how to live with other people's parents. With my own parents, i can still throw tantrum in front of them without the fear of getting cold treatment in return. I dun want to throw tantrum in front of in-laws cos i know the consequences. I want to respect them and make hubby proud of me. But i still have long way to do that.

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