Friday, March 9, 2007

new place

We're not only working in the same company, we're sitting nearer and nearer to each other. My whole dept just switched place today, opposite the current seating place. I'm placed in the same cubicle as my nemesis, how unfair. My other neighbor's place is just like a mini jungle. With fake flowers everywhere, not to mention dirty and old. It seems crowded at her place but she doesn't look like she even mind :P Couldn't help but commented the mini jungle to penguin, hoping my neighbour would remove the fake flowers. Fortunately nothing was moved, i just noticed a poison arrow, right in front of me behind these "roses". Oh yeah, i'm facing my best direction which is SW. Does this mean, promotion and increment will come easily this year end? Hopefully, i could use for extra allowance. Finally settled setting up my new place and placed all those feng-shui ornaments. Messaged hubby.

I'm kinda disturbed sitting with my back facing hubby's dept. I will not know who is watching my monitor from there. Oh well, nothing much can be done, i'll have to stay in that position until someone moves me again. My new place is rather empty. Initially, one of the fax machines was supposed to be placed at my place until someone screwed up the plan...god knows who. One thing for sure, i'm starting to like my place. Penguin is seated so far away, though cannot deny that she may show up behind me unexpectedly. Another restriction, i cannot suft the net so freely, that's for sure. I can't even play games or view pics without facing the risk of being noticed. So resort to writing more blogs.

It's so empty now, none of my colls stayback now. Reason is simple: she tracks their time so closely till everybody rebel. She insisted that only 15mins break time, and everybody must go at the same time. Otherwise, need to inform her before hand. Looks like someone is treating everybody like we're kindergarten kids. My colls complained that she is being unreasonable and unbearable. Okay, she hasn't stepped on my tail, so i give no comment. Afterall, she is the one who determine my salary and adjustment yearly. Keep my mouth shut and go with the flow. I like this phrase "Go with the flow".

One hour since my last coll left and i'm still here in the office. Aircond here is stronger than previous cubicle. Die. How could i stand the chill in Beijing in 2 weeks time. I wonder how cold is cold there. People have been telling me, it's unlike aircond. I'm so looking forward for this trip, my official honeymoon. Although it's China, but hey, who says honeymoon has to be somewhere expensive. I have frens who went to Cameron Highlands & Genting for honeymoon. As long as the couple is happy, who cares.

We're going to have western food for dinner at Fettes Park. It has been long since we last went there. Can say that it was our usual outing place too, besides Gurney. Feeling so hungry now :P

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