Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reservation for Table

My time US (13Nov '06)

Today I really missed out my alarm clock when the time was 815am, suppose I have to wake up at 715am in the morning. Was rushing and didn't take any breakfast for work. Life at here quite funny...freedom and open minded country you can free to speak out anything provided you have the right. Yeah almost I leave my be love soon to be (Lou Poh) one month..thinking on the first day i reached here everything nervous to me especially at the US custom center i pissed off like hell..till i speakless and the officer just trying to notice me i couldnt know english..shame am i.?! Second was the time i waited at the terminal for flight to San Jose..suddenly i hear some argument from one of the passenger who missed out her flight because of the terminal change. and she didn't notice and she kept waiting at the different terminal... shit am i turn to blur as same case to her....worry worry and ask many times to confirm...hate it.

I'm really looking forward to go back to my hm sweet hm...lot of stuff is waiting me to get done. Man not so easy you are thinking to prepare for wedding. It’s really works me and my soon to be (Lou Poh) mad...taking wedding photo, quotation, prepare our dream room...etc etc argument more then happy tot..But I really thank to her:) she quite manageable she can damn think tinny detail stuff which i always mess up...u know guy right the are kind of phenomena willing to say with themselves and no to listen with other. See for my "tai chan" she lead well and let good communicate between our both parent...very bad i can't help up i was here only sleep at the time (US time diff la) i really missed out really...in my life this couldnt happen to me again...bad i dun how is "tai chan".... :(

I have talked lot of nonsense stuff here... suppose i have tried to tell what is goin to on to my soon to be (Lou Poh) here.. yeah i manage to call my parent to ask about the dinner and tables preparation and the have already booked for 60 table.. really efficient to do that. and i quickly to tell my soon to be (Lau Poh) about that. Aiyo she is keeping yelling to chat with her right now...

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